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Green Thought Leaders

Green Thought Leaders are emerging in many fields.  These thought leaders want to share their visions and stories and inspire other people to become green thought leaders as well.

Transitioning to Green

Transitioning to Green Foundation hosts interviews and Q & A with green business thought leaders in different industries and areas of practice.

Some of these webinars are free and open to the general public.  Others are offered free as part of the  Tranistioning to Green Foundation.but at a fee for non-members.

For information about these and all other Transitioning to Green Foundation Programs, please contact Jeana Wirtenberg,

Transitioning to Green Webinars


Smarter Mobility: Alternative Fuels for the Future


Occurred on Thursday, June 23, 2011 noon-1pm EST

Webinar Overview

The future of business is tied to the future of energy.

As economies in developing and emerging regions catch up with the West, people and products are traveling farther and more often. Energy use for transport is escalating, prices are soaring, and current supply sources will not meet an increased demand. To cope with these challenges the world requires "smarter mobility".

A key driver of smarter mobility will be the development of fuel cells and new and more sustainable alternative fuels. This webinar will provide greater insights into the breakthroughs in creating scalable alternative fuel sources that will make sustainable transport a reality.

Join Harvard Business Review and Harvard professor Shriram Ramanathan for an interactive video webinar focused on the role of future fuel sources and the latest developments in fuel cell technology. Professor Ramanathan has deep experience in this area; he heads a team at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences that has developed the first macro-scale thin-film solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC), a potential new source of clean, portable energy.

While SOFCs have previously worked at the micro-scale, this is the first time any research group has overcome the structural challenges of scaling the technology up to a practical size with a proportionally higher power output.

If fuel matters to your supply chain and your business, join this HBR webinar to learn how the demonstration of this fully functional SOFC indicates the potential of electrochemical fuel cells to be a viable source of clean energy.

Join Professor Ramanathan and Harvard Business Review on June 23.

Energy Opportunities is a series of global webinars and executive think tanks presented by CNBC and Harvard Business Review.


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ARCHIVED: Human Resources (HR) Webinar Series #1

HR Webinar discussed the just published: "Unleashing Talent in Service of a Sustainable Future" Chapter 37 of the Talent Management Handbook:

presented on February 3rd, 2011 by Presenter/ Author Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D Just Register to download!

Register to access this free webinar and receive Chapter 37 by Thought Leader/Author/Presenter, Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D,from the just published Talent Management Handbook (Second Edition); McGraw Hill, 2010. Transitioning to Green Just Register to download!

The Human Side of Sustainability: Human Resource Professionals play a pivotal role and can help lead the way by inspiring your talent to make sustainability happen. You can help support your company's transformation by guiding the conversations, inspiring new ways of thinking, and creating the processes and  pctices to make this new way of thinking and acting a reality. In addition, you can help your workforce green their job functions and transition their careers to add the most value in the new green economy.

Discussion includes the just published:
"Unleashing Talent in Service of a Sustainable Future" Chapter 37 of the Talent Management Handbook: by Author, Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D, Register and receive this Complimentary Chapter 37 from the Talent Management Handbook (Second Edition); McGraw Hill, 2010

Chapter  37 of The Talent Management Handbook, Second Edition is a Copyright © 2011 of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher. ISBN 978-007-173905-4


(HR) Webinar Series #2

The Next Sustainability Wave: Building Buy-in and the Business Case

presented on April 14, 2011 by Presenter/ Author Bob Willard Just Register to download!

Bob Willard shows how executives can increase company value by integrating sustainability strategies with business strategies. In his talk, Bob applies a business lens to sustainability terminology and outlines the five stages companies pass through on their sustainability journey. He then builds the case for change by identifying awakened important stakeholders who could jeopardize a company’s reputational value if it fails to be more environmentally and socially responsible, and quantifies potential bottom-line benefits from operating more sustainably, even in an economic recession.


(HR) Webinar Series #3

Transforming your Business Case into a Culture of Sustainability through Talent Management"

presented on April 28, 2011 by Presenter/ Author Lance Berger Just Register to download!

Lance Berger is Managing Partner of Lance A. Berger & Associates, Ltd., a management consulting firm he founded in 1991. His firm provides advisory services in the areas of talent management, compensation, and change management.

Mr. Berger has written and edited eight books. The most recent are: The Talent Management Handbook (second edition), The Compensation Handbook(fifth edition), The Change Management Handbook, Deengineering the Corporation: Leading Growth from Within, and Management Wisdom from the New York Yankees’ Dynasty: What Every Manager Can Learn from a Legendary Team’s 80 Year Winning Streak. The latter was selected as one of the top 30 business books by Executive Book Summaries.

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Transitioning to Green's Webinar Series

Successfully navigating the terrain of emerging green business and markets requires that people bridge the gap between traditional business practices and methodologies and new green space opportunities for jobs and careers.  In order to build those bridges, people must compile a knowledge base regarding green trends, best practices and measurements in their sectors of interest, and at the same time develop their skills in working collaboratively and entrepreneurially across disciplines and functions.

Transitioning to Green Webinars are designed to stretch people’s vision regarding the “whats” and “hows” of Green, engage their imaginations and open their eyes to opportunities that Green affords people now and into the future.  Participation in these webinars will help people understanding how to identify and develop emerging green professions.

Most of these Webinars are interactive.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion with the presenters. The topics chosen are ones that:

  1. provide information and inspirational ideas from thought-leaders in the green space

  2. present industry green practitioners sharing how trends and green practices shape their businesses

  3. increase familiarity and comfort with participatory technologies that support green work and careers

  4. help people to develop skills needed to engage with today’s changing work environment

  5. support Transitioning to Green’s Program Participants in their job search and career development

Some of these webinars are free and open to the general public.  Others are offered free as part of the Tranistioning to Green Membership but at a fee for non-members.

The general schedule for Transitioning to Green produced webinars is on each Thursday at 12 Noon, Eastern Time:

  • GREEN THOUGHT LEADERS on the First Thursday
  • SKILLS-BUILDING FOR GREENING on the Second Thursday
  • INDUSTRY and FUNCTION TRENDS on the Third Thursday

For information about webinars and all other Transitioning to Green Programs, please contact Jeana Wirtenberg at

Susan Labandibar is the founder (1995) and CEO of Tech Networks of Boston, a single source for computer networks and web technologies for Boston-area businesses. The firm is one of the first established IT service companies in the country to incorporate IT energy use reduction into all of its offerings.

National Recognition for Tech Networks of Boston: named Tech Networks as one of the 250 Most Influential IT Service Providers in 2008.  The firm is also ranked 27th on Business Week’s list of 100 fastest-growing urban businesses. Local awards include the Green Business Award from the City of Boston and the Mass High Tech TechCitizenship Award.

Volunteerism and Philanthropy:  Susan serves as President of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston, an 18-year old non-profit organization of business leaders committed to changing the way the world does business. She also serves on the board of Inner City Entrepreneurs, a national organization focused on job-creation in low-income urban areas.  Susan is a member of the City of Boston’s Community Advisory Committee on Climate Action.

Environmental Activism:  Tech Networks of Boston’s new Hutan program enables non-profits and social businesses to help stop rain forest destruction in Indonesia by donating 20% of new managed service contract revenues to Orangutan Foundation International (OFI.)  Susan is working with OFI founder and primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas, who has studied and protected a population of 6,000 wild orangutans and their habitat for 38 years.